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Series 8 of The Great British Sewing Bee 2022 was fantastic!  If you're watching on iplayer, why not watch along with us.  Watch the unofficial review show 'Unpicked' and the unofficial skills, techniques and tools show 'All Gathered Up'. 
The Sewing Bee 'Unpicked' Opinion review show
Here at The Woolpatch we are huge fans of Sewing Bee and in total admiration of the programme and the sewers and all the wonderful things they create. We know we are not experts, but we love talking about the show and expressing our views each week. Join us each week and let's talk sewing! 

The Sewing Bee 'All Gathered Up' Techniques show
Want a bit more of the technical side? Sometimes there just isn't enough time in the edit to give us that so we've made our own show up! 'All gathered up'. I have Carol Alayne - Master Tailor & Couturier to guide us through a technique or a fabric that comes up in each weekly Sewing Bee episode.