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NEW Knit Pro Interchangeable SWIVEL Cables 'The Mindful Range'

These are brand new from Knit Pro (Jan 2023 this was published) - these have a swivel joint like the engirneering design of Hiya Hiya and Chiagoo.  The old purple cables of Knit Pro are don't move and this can be frustrating.  These do cost more as a result.
If you want the classic purples ones click the link : Knit Pro Standard Purple Cables for Interchangeable Knitting

The cables for interchangeables are listed by the length of circular needle they will make. The cables are not actually that long. For example, a 60cm cable is around  35cm long. But, when you attach two tips it'll then measure approx 60cm from tip-to-tip.

If your project calls for a 60cm circular, buy a 60cm cable.

Also - brands are not compatible with each other. KnitPro tips need a KnitPro cable. And HiyaHiya tips need a HiyaHiya cable