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Lavenham Blue 2022 Collection

**Update August 13 2022** Only 'Blue' left, so no need to leave a message choosing your colours.  Wonderfully, due to popular demand, the Sky and Denim colours have already sold out.   Thrilled to see this unique, local yarn go out across the world.  Thanks for supporting local.  Stuart

Watch my video explain the 3 colours and how to go about ordering.


There will be batches of hanks that are 'similar' blues.  As I dye, the vat (that contains the woad) becomes more and more exhausted of woad and therefore, less blue is available to dye the hanks.  Hence, the sky blues and aqua colours that are achieved at the end of a dyeing session.

There are 3 main types of Woad colour which I seem to consistently achieve.  This is shown in the 2nd picture above.
A Denim Blue, Blue, Sky Blue.  The middle colour 'Blue' is the colour that comes out again and's like a 'grey' blue that is quite typical of woad compared to other indigo plant types.

Most of these also are SOLID.  There is no natural white showing at all.  It's like the wool has soaked up all the woad.  It's amazing.  

In some cases, there are streaks of dark denim/navy blue.  Not enough to be massively variegated like you find with sock yarns like Zauberballs or West Yorkshire Spinners.  But enough to to just 'pop' and interupt the solid colour.  Some of you knitters will love this, some may not.  It will depend on what you are knitting.

It therefore is quite difficult to take 50 odd pictures of each hank of yarn.  So if you are buying online, it makes sense for you to tell me which of the 3 basic woad colours you prefer and I'll do my best to put them in your order.

If you want the hanks with the bits of variegated streaks of dark blue then also let me know.

There is a special box to the right for you to tell me your preferences.

Please understand, as these hanks sell, your preferences may not be able to be met.  Email me first if you want to check what I've got. I can always send you pics and you can choose if you don't want 'pot luck'

Thank you for investing in Lavenham Blue and my shop.  It is truly unique yarn and one of a kind.  The money spent on Lavenham Blue all goes back into the local Community.  I buy the fleece from the local famers, I buy the price tags and cards from the local printers, and your money goes into me and my shop and the local community.  Local at it's best.


Email me for any further chats or photos.