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Heat Press Batting Together - Batting/Wadding Tape

Heat Press Batting Together is a roll cloth tape that will fuse two edges of batting together with an iron.
It's soft, thin and it stretches. It's needle easy for hand or machine quilting.

Iron settings are most important.  Test batting/wadding and tape on a small piece first.  Reduce heat if need be.

Irons that have teflon plates: Use low cotton settings to fuse tape.

Irons without a teflon plate:

1. For 100% Poly Batting/Wadding - use the synthetic setting on your iron.
Smooth the tape over batting/Wadding without pressure of the iron and just use the heat from the iron to set the glue.

2. Mixed Batting/Wadding use the wool setting on your iron but TEST on a small piece first.

3. Cotton Silk or Wool Batting/Wadding use the wool setting on your iron.