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Mini Explorer Blanket Crochet A Long

When will it start: 15 March 2023
Duration: 5 weeks 
When will I receive the kit?
As this is a preorderIt will be posted to you in the first week of March
What is it?
 A baby blanket
How will I make it? You can join the Crochet-Along Katia group on Facebook to get the free pattern available in 6 languages: English, Spanish, French, Dutch, German and Italian. Each week, Katia will share part of the pattern with charts and helpful videos in the Facebook group

 @gallimelmas on instagram

What will I get for my money? You will receive a lovely Katia Gift Bag of Cotton yarn!
There will be 34 balls of UNITED COTTON (100% Cotton)

Colours:                9 balls col. 3

                               4 balls col. 28 - 30

                               3 balls col. 14 - 21 - 22

                               2 balls col. 4 - 9

                               1 ball col. 2 - 11 - 20 - 29

Size of Blanket:    Blanket 75 cm (width) x 75 cm (length)


What will I be doing?: Each week, you'll get instructions on how to make 24 different 3D granny squares to create the adorable Mini Explorer baby blanket designed by @gallimelmas. It's a blanket made up of 36 3D granny squares with 24 different patterns inspired by Nature. There will be a facebook group run by Katia that you can join and I'll be talking about it and doing it on YouTube!