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Lavenham Blue 2020 Collection - Solids 'Sky Blues'


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100% Wool - A blend of Bluefaced Leicester & Romney
4ply/Fingering weight
Woollen Spun
329 metres/360 yards.
Hand wash only.
I didn't set out to create 'solid' colours as commercial yarn pretty much has this category nailed.  Due to the nature of the yarn being 'woollen spun' it just attracted the woad haha. Woad is a pigment not a dye.  It works by attaching to the wool.  In previous attempts (using superwash yarn) the woad attached  'here and there' creating a wonderful, natural, variegated effect.  I thought the same would happen again with my own yarn.  Nope!  The woad clearly loved it (probably due to not have the superwash chemicals on the yarn) so I ended up with lots of almost solid (pretty much solid) blue hanks!

I don't think these will be as popular but we shall see.

There are 3 types of blues I seemed to keep creating. 

Light Blue with hints of Aqua and undertones of Grey, Sky Blue and Denim Blue

These are the Blues that are available

I have tried my best to get the photo to be as truer representation as possible but please bear in mind the colours on my screen will look different to colours on your screen.

If you want me to email/message you more pictures then please get in contact via email/facebook messenger and I can take more pictures and send them to you instantly and you can choose.

Alternatively, just leave a message in the 'notes' box to the right of this screen