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Lavenham Blue 2020 Collection - Purposely Variegated Style 3


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100% Wool - A blend of Bluefaced Leicester & Romney
4ply/Fingering weight
Woollen Spun
329 metres/360 yards.
Hand wash only.
Each 100g hank of yarn gets dyed individually.  However, rather than lowering the hank into the woad vat like a coiled snake like the naturally variegated version and it been 'pot luck' on where the blobs, flecks and different colours appear.  I have had fun in manufacturing the variegated look by using resits and playing around with where those resits and where they appear.  

1. half the hank has been dipped twice to get a dark blue whilst the other half is light blue.
2.Another hank has had cable ties scattered throughout to 'resist' the pigment so thin rings of natural off white yarn is left.
3.The hank has been dipped many times in different places to get different colour markings.

How these will knit up is anyones guess!  It was just a bit of fun to do as I know many like variegated yarn and seeing how colours and effects appear.

As with all natural wool I recommend hand washing your woad.  Due to the nature of woad, it should not come off on your hands (this can be called crocking).