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Lavenham Blue 2020 Collection - Naturally Variegated


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If you want a hank with more 'dark bits' or more natural wool showing, please leave a request and I'll pick it out while stocks last.  If I can't find what you want in stock I will of course contact you via email or phone and we can either change your order or refund it.

100% Wool - A blend of Bluefaced Leicester & Romney
4ply/Fingering weight
Woollen Spun
329 metres/360 yards.
Hand wash only.
Each 100g hank of yarn gets dyed individually.  It gets lowered into the woad vat but rather than 'hanging' it gets curled up on itself like a coiled snake.  Therefore parts of the hank get exposed to the pigment and parts don't.

This means the hank gets an uneven colouring of blue.  It may even get 'blobs' of rich dark denim blue where it has sat on the woad.  In other places it may even been in its natural off white state as no pigment has managed to come in contact as it has been coiled up.

No two hanks are the same.  But that's the fun and beauty of hand dyed yarn in this manner.

It is very difficult to photo each hank and to show off so if you are looking for a specific set of colours then email / facebook messenger and I'll send some pictures.  Yan can ask for specific colourings, so if you want more denim blue 'blobs' then leave a request in the notes section.  Some may not want the natural off white showing, so again leave a message in the notes section and I will do my very best.

As with all natural wool I recommend hand washing your woad.  Due to the nature of woad, it should not come off on your hands (this can be called crocking).