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Baabara Wooden Knitting Needle Gauge


Clover Row Counter - Clicky


Knit Pro Cable Connectors - join your cables together and make them longer!


Knit Pro Symfonie Normal needles 40cm long and 3.25mm


Knit Prop Zing Single Pointed Needle Set


KnitPro Zing Paired Single Pointed Metal Needles 30cm

£3.70 - £6.60

Milward Spinning Yarn Holder


Pom Poms with snap button by Begere De France


Pony 2 Metal Knitting Needles 2.75mm x 30cm


Pony Bamboo Single Ended Knitting Needles 33cm Long

£4.60 - £6.30

Pony Cable Stitch Needles Straight 2mm to 5mm (small) pair


Pony Cable Stitch Needles Straight 5.5mm to 7.5mm (large) single


Pony Knitting Row Counter (size 5.50 - 7.50mm)


Pony Stitch Holder Large


Pony Stitch Holder Small


Clover Pom Pom Maker standard


Knit Pro 6 Symfonie double point Needles 2.75mm x 10cm


KnitPro locking stitch markers (Pack of 30)


Pony Knitting Row Counter (size 2-5mm)


Pony Stitch Holder Medium