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Lavenham Blue Notebooks by Dr Paul Garcia

As shown on the latest vlog S3 Ep4.
Made by Dr Paul Garcia using woad dyed linen (by me) to bind the notebooks 

3 different cover shades of Buckram* and 1 in Leather* with Gold Logo

See these on my latest Youtube video (10mins and 50 seconds into the video)
Season 3 Episode 4 Winter 2021 (external link toYoutube)

28 pages of nice light card stock.

*Buckram is a stiff cotton cloth with a loose weave.  The fabric is soaked in a sizing agent such as wheat starch paste, glue (such as pva) then dried. When rewetted or warmed, it can be shaped to create durable firm fabric for book covers, hats, and elements of clothing.

*Leather is a goats leather