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Register now for Selly Telly by filling in the registration form

Registration Form for Selly Telly

This involves filling in a form that tells us your 'Youtube user name' and 'Your email'.  That's it!  Once you register for Selly Telly, it means you can 'bid' for an item that is up for sale and if successful, we can then send you the invoice.  If you keep bidding, we'll just add it all to the one invoice for that show.  

The invoices are then sent out the following day and you have up to 48 hours to make the payment otherwise the product will go back on sale again.

Remember, it may get busy with a few people wanting to purchase items, resulting in more bids for an item to go round, also, your bid comments will show up differently on all our screens, so if it's busy, you may not be successful. 

But that's all the fun of LIVE SHOPPING!

The Woolpatch