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Linen and Wool for Re-enactors
The Woolpatch was approached by Kentwell Hall to see if we could work together in supplying linen and wool for all you re-enactors.  I said yes of course! I used to be Head of Drama so performance and theatre means a lot to me.  

Sourcing linen and wool to supply to you has been a huge challenge but I'm pleased to say I've managed to find suppliers of Linen.  It's also at a great price.  It's not top of the range Irish Linen but it's also not cheap 'fake' linen.

It is 100% linen.  As for the Wool - this has been much harder to source and now I know why so many of you struggle to find it and to find it in decent amounts.  Most of it will be over £30 a metre as it's from traditional mills or it will be under £10 as it's actually polyester!  I'm still searching!!!  In the meantime - you can get all your linen requirements here!