Choose your own Make, Day, Date & Time!

When booking a class how often is it that the day, date or time just isn't convenient? I've seen many classes that I want to do but I can't make the day and there is never the same class on a different day!  It's incredibly frustrating.

So, if there is a class you like but can't make the day or time, then email us your favoured days, dates and times and we'll arrange around you!  Our team are incredibly flexible.  For example, if there is a bag making day going on, but you don't want to make the bag but something else, you can do that!  Or if you want to make the bag but on a different day, just email us and we'll try try to arrange it for you!
If there isn't a class advertised but you want to do it, then email us and we'll to arrange it!

We try to keep a mixture of new and old classes on the schedule but it is very hard to organise so some classes don't always get repeated. If you want to learn Crochet and there isn't a class advertised then email us with preferred days dates and times and we'll get arranging!  It is that simple!  As they say you don't ask you don't get!

Email the Woolpatch:

What the Woolpatch Team can offer

Crochet: Stuart - Crochet: Learning the basics, Learning new stitches, reading patterns, Making cushions, granny squares, garments in Crochet etc.
Patchwork: Piecing, Making blocks, Basting, Binding, Using a Rotary Cutter etc
Irene & Mandy
Knitting: Pretty much everything!! Learning, Casting on, Learning new stitches, Reading patterns, Casting off, Cable, FairIsle, Intarsia, Sewing up Techniques etc. 
Katie & Nikki
Sewing: Learn to use your sewing machine, Making bags, Making Dresses and Clothes etc, Learn to use your overlocker, Get more confident with your Sewing Machine, Brooches, Needle Keepers and more.