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Welcome to the Woolpatch
I'm Stuart, owner of The Woolpatch, a shop that sells yarn, fabric and haberdashery items.

I was a teacher and subject leader at a secondary school in Suffolk for 16 years and in 2016 decided that was enough and wanted a career change.  I've always loved retail and wanted to have my own shop for some time. I have one.  A wonderful little yarn and fabric shop in the same county that I taught in - Suffolk.

I taught in the creative arts so have always had a creative passion for drawing, making and creating and am incredibly excited to be able to continue to be creative in this new career where I'll be pretty much learning all the skills right from the start especially with regard to the business side of things!

The shop is situated in the middle of Long Melford, an historic wool town in Suffolk.  

We do social knit and natter classes where you turn up and chat, knit and get spoiled by me with tea and coffee to skills workshops learning how to crochet, knit and more!  All our classes are run by local experts or by myself. 

Everything about The Woolpatch is done by me, including this website.  At times products may be lacking in information as I haven't typed it in yet, so if you need more information on anything then pop in, ring or email. 

Let's keep pushing this wonderful wave of popularity that Crafting is going through and enjoy the coming years of being creative together.