Services on offer at The Woolpatch

Did you know we offer quite a few specialist services here at The Woolpatch. Ring or Email us for prices on the following services.
At the Woolpatch we act as agents for the wonderful SEWING MACHINE WORLD. 

So that means you can drop off your Sewing Machine at the shop for servicing or repair by Sewing Machine World and when it's ready we'll ring you for pick up!  

That SIMPLE!  

Is your machine not working as well as it used to? Something broken or gone wrong? At Sewing Machine Word, Steve and his team offer servicing and repairs on all brands of domestic sewing machines, with all work carried out by his experienced engineers to the very highest standards. Plus you can relax in the knowledge that all their work is guaranteed for 12 months from the date of service or repair.

Their no-hassle network of pick-up points across East Anglia means you can simply drop off your machine to us at The Woolpatch - he'll pick it up, get it back like new, and drop it back for you to collect at your leisure.

Want something knitted?
We have knitters at The Woolpatch who just love to knit.

From baby garments, to adult jumpers our team can knit it up for you.  As long as you buy the yarn from us (we can order in yarn even if you can't see it on the shelf) then our team can knit for you.

Take a look at the gallery below at some of the garments our talented team have knitted for others.

Prices range from £20 to knit a baby garment, (which considering the skill and knitted time is amazing value) to £40 to knit an adult jumper.  This is for the skill only.  The price of the yarn is on top.

Want a crochet finish?
Sometimes your knitted garment may require a crochet finish.  I know many of you knit but can't crochet, or crochet as well as you can knit.  That's where I can help you out and finish your garment for you.  Or do you need a crochet border round your blanket?  There are so many types of crochet borders to choose from and can finish of a blanket beautifully.

Prices range from £20 to finish off a garment with a crocheted edge or a blanket with a crochet border.

Email/Ring the shop for more details.

Want your own knitting bag?
You can buy them already made at The Woolpatch or you can have one made up in your chosen fabrics!

Kerry makes all our project bags and knitting bags for us at The Woolpatch.  She's a very talented seamstress who lives in the village.   

You can order:
2 fabric Knitting Bag
you choose your two favourite fabrics

3 fabric Knitting Bag
you choose your 3 favourite fabrics.

Email/Ring for prices and more information.

Hate binding?
We love binding at The Woolpatch!

If you have a quilt that you would love to finish but can't face doing the binding then let us finish it for you!

We have 2 services on offer

1. 'Quick Finish' A straight forward binding service using your fabric that's already been sewn on to the quilt.  We'll just hand sew it down. Prices will vary depending on the size of the quilt.

2. 'Complete Binding' Using your fabric or something from the shop we'll cut, make the binding, sew it onto your quilt and then finish it by hand sewing it.  Again prices will vary according to the quilt size.  Email/Ring the shop for details.