Classes and the Woolpatch

There is one long list of all our current classes.  To make it easier to find what you want we have colourised the craft. 

Knitting = Pink | Crochet = Blue | Sewing/Patchwork = Green | Weaving = Yellow | Lampshade Making = Orange
Learn to make the Christmas Tree Block. You can then turn this into a table runner or a quilt.

Cost: £ 30.00
You will learn to crochet. Using a simple scarf patter you will learn how to crochet.

Cost: £ 20.00
Come along and make a really simple lantern for the Parade on Sunday 26th November

Cost: £ 6.00
You choose what to make and do! Make a Bag or a Toy Tidy or just get used to using your machine! We're very flexible. You book the slot and let us know!

Cost: £ 20.00
Make a knitted Christmas card using simple knits and purls!

Cost: £ 30.00
You can bring your own fabric or choose some from the shop and make your own bespoke lampshade for any room in your house.

Cost: £ 30.00
Learn to make the simple modern Christmas Tree Block. once you've made one - you won't stop making more!!!

Cost: £ 25.00
Make a Christmas Tree out of folded fabric. It's simple and doesn't involve sewing! Just lots of folding and pins!

Cost: £ 25.00
Rather than having a class for a specific make. You just book your day and decide what you want to make!

Cost: £ 20.00
What does the Skill Level Mean on each class?

As you know Baabara is our wonderful Woolpatch mascot and is the logo of our shop.  We use Baabara to show the skill level required in order to take each class. As you can imagine, trying to teach a class where students are all at different skill levels can result in students not getting value for money. Therefore we try to make it clear what skill level is needed for each class so similar progress can be made together and everyone can complete.  
Baabara not showing at all (greyed out) = Any skill level is welcome.

Classes rated with 1 Baabara will be about learning the basic skills of that craft.  Holding a knitting needle for example, how to stitch two pieces of fabric together and make a seam etc.

2 Baabaras = there is some skill already there.  For example, maybe you can knit and pearl but that's it. Maybe you can chain stitch in crochet.  Classes with a 2 Baabara rating tend to be about building on the basic skills you already posess in that craft.

3 Baabaras = classes with a 3 Baabara rating mean that you can go straight in and 'make something', presuming you have the skills in that craft. The tutor may build on your techniques to help you complete a project. 

4 Baabaras =  you are nearly an expert in the craft for this class.  This class helps you to learn expert techniques.  For example learning to do Fair Isle or learning to make a bag with pockets and lining. To take a class with 4 Baabaras you need to have a high level of skill in the craft already.

This is class for experts in the craft.